Radio functions

Antenna Design

These are well known formulae for designing dipoles and Yagi antenna’s

DipoleLength_m(Freq_MHz) Returns the length of a dipole antenna needed in metres for a specific frequency in Mhz
YAGIelements(Frequency (Mhz),Number of elements, Element) Returns the dimension in metres of the element in the argumentElement is a string use ‘Dipole’, ‘Refelector’, ‘Director’ or ‘Spacing’ only the first 3 letters are needed. Only calculates this for 2,3 and 6 element Yagi’s

Below is a simple spreadsheet calculated using AstroExcel to calculate antenna designs for specific frequencies. The only functions used are DipoleLength() and YAGIelements() the rest is vanilla Excel

Image of spreadsheet showing Yagi and dipole designs calculated using AstroExcel
Yagi antenna dimensions calculated using AstroExcel

Frequency/wavelength conversions

I’ve included these in the radio section but they are equally valid for all electromagnetic waves.

WavelengthToFrequency(Wavelength_in_Metres) Converts a wavelength in meters into a frequency in Hertz
FrequencyToWavelength(Frequency_in_Hertz) Converts a frequency into a wavelength in metres

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