Some handy constants are available in AstroExcel for use in formulae, all constants start with an underscore ‘_’ e.g. type =_C for the speed of light.

Name value units  Description
_EarthMeanR 6371 km Mean radius of Earth
_EarthEqutorialR 6378 km Equatorial radius of Earth
_MoonMeanRadius 1738 km Mean radius of Moon
_EarthMass 5.974E+24 kg Mass of Earth
_MoonMass 7.348E+22 kg Mass of Moon
_SunMass 1.989E+30 kg Mass of Sun
_h 6.62618E-34 Js Planck’s Constant “h”
_hbar 1.05459E-34 Js Planck’s Constant / (2 * PI), “h bar”
_k 1.3807E-23 J/K Boltzmann’s Constant “k”
_StephanBoltzmann 5.6697E-08 W/m^2/K Stephan-Boltzmann Constant “sigma”
_G 6.673E-11 N m^2/kg^2 Newton’s Gravitational Constant “G”
_Wien 0.0029 mK Wien’s Constant “sigma(W)”
_SunLuminosity 3.827*10^26 W Luminosity of Sun
_SunIntensity 1370 W / m^2 Solar Constant (intensity at 1 AU)
_SunRadius 696000 km radius of Sun
_C 299792458 m/s speed of light in vacuum “c”
_LightYear 9.46053E+16 m light year
_Parsec 3.0856E+16 m parsec
_pi 3.141592654 dimensionless pi
_JupiterMeanRadius 69911 km Mean radius of Jupiter

The values for the constants have come from NASA

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