AstroExcel is a spreadsheet, it doesn’t require any special plug-in’s however you will need to enable macros to use the functions. If you are at all concerned please configure your Excel to show the developer tab and then open visual basic from here you can view all the source code.

Latest stable version:


Corrrected Messier RA data


Previous Versions:


Fixes a bug in MoonPhaseDate()


v20151011 adds 2 functions…

RaDec() this calculates the RA and Dec from the Altitude and Azimuth

MoonRise() this calculates the rise, transit and set of the Moon.


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    1. The reason for this is that I use a ‘quick and very dirty’ hack to find full moon and it is only accurate to 24hrs, it was intended to be a guide only, at the end of the day 24hrs either side of full moon doesn’t make a lot of difference for observing. HOWEVER I am working on a new version of the function that will calculate it more accurately – I just need time to complete it.

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